24seven Mortgages June 2018 News

24seven Mortgages June 2018 News

Halfway through the year - and we are starting to feel the taste of winter. Although a lot of Waikato folks say it is not as cold as it used to be......however we need a few good hard frosts to kill off the bugs ......

The OCR (Official Cash Rate) has remained the same again at 1.75 - (on 10 May 2018 ) with another announcement due this week on 28 June. The general opinion of experts is that this will remain unchanged - but there may be changes coming down the line in 2019.

The Waikato property market is still selling strongly in some areas, the main issue facing some buyers is simply a lack of listings. This is not unusual of course for the winter months - and hopefully there will be lots of new listings for buyers - come Spring.

Topics covered in this months newsletter; (quick read - click on the links below to go straight to an article )

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Date Added: Friday, 31st August 2018
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